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Find the Identity of a Mystery Tree!
  • Try your hand at identifying a tree genus using a dichotomous key.

  • Click onto one of the mystery trees below to reveal a tree description, complete with photographs and text describing the characteristics of a particular tree. Then, connect with the dichotomous key to try to identify the tree's genus and species.

  • After carefully making choices in the dichotomous key, you will reach the name of a genus and click on it to receive a description of that genus.

  • At the bottom of the genus description, there will be a prompt that will connect you to a species page; you will be led to a page with descriptions and pictures of the species within that genus that are native to the Pacific Northwest. One of them will be your mystery tree!

  • After reaching a species you think matches your mystery tree, you can click back to the mystery tree page. You can then link to the solution page to find the answer to your mystery tree.

Choose one of the Mystery Trees below. Good Luck!


tree tree tree tree


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