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Sitka mountain-ash (Sorbus sitchensis)

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  • Size: Grows upright, often many-branched but sometimes treelike, to 25' tall and 1' in diameter.

  • Leaves: Pinnately compound (7-11 leaflets per leaf), alternate, deciduous. Leaflets are roughly elliptical with serrated margins except near base where they are entire.

  • Fruit: Small, apple-like, in large clusters, red to red-orange in color.

  • Flowers: White and tiny, but in large, flat-topped, showy clusters of 100-200.

  • Twigs: Stout, alternate, olive colored, with large terminal buds.

  • Bark: Thin, smooth, grayish-green.

  • Distribution: Sun-loving and common in the mountains of the western U.S. and Canada.

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