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mountain-ash (Sorbus)

  • Clusters of small, apple-like fruits come in red (like the native species), yellow, and orange.
  • Leaves are pinnately compound, alternate, and deciduous. Many have stipules where they join the twig. Leaflets have partially to completely serrated margins.
  • Many non-native species are grown as ornamentals, including small trees.


This group of small trees and shrubs are popoular ornamentals, adorning city streets and yards. They're popular due to the vibrant colors the fruits take on in the fall. And the fruits are important food sources for birds and small mammals in the winter when food is scarce. Two species grow in Oregon, at high elevations, both with a shrubby stature. One, found commonly, is the Sitka mountain-ash. The other, western mountain-ash, won't be described here.

For more information on the alders native to the Pacific Northwest, go to the species page or see "Trees to Know in Oregon".

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